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5 Summer Activity Ideas!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

By Mei Yee

Summer isn’t over yet! There is still time to do some fun summer activities with your kids. Here are some activity ideas:

1. Water balloon fights. A cool and refreshing way to play, especially on the hot days.

2. Paper airplane contest. A nice contest you could have indoors or outdoors, that way if it is raining out you don’t have to worry about canceling the contest.

3. Going for a hike. Check out our other post for tips when taking your children on hikes; 6 Tips for Hiking With Children (

4. Stargazing. Grab some blankets and go lay down outside, so you can enjoy the stars. Maybe look to see if you can spot any constellations.

5. Experiments. For those kids who don’t want to go outside or if it is simply too hot out; increase their knowledge with some experiments. (We have some on our website already you can start with;


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