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Experiment: Cloud in a Jar

By Mei Yee

Continuing with weather in jars, this week, the girls chose to make clouds in a jar. For this experiment, you will need 4-5 things.

-Glass jar with a lid

-1 cup of hot (boiling) water

-Aerosol Hairspray

-3 to 5 ice cubes (per cup)

-Food coloring (optional)

First, boil the water. This is when you will add the food coloring in if you are using it.

Next, pour the water into the glass jar.

Make sure you have the lid ready, then quickly spray hairspray in the jar and put the lid on. (As it is aerosol hairspray, it is hard to get an exact amount, and the instructions didn't say specifically how long, so the girls held it down for 5 seconds.)

Then place 3-5 ice cubes on top of the lid.

Watch what happens. A cloud should begin to form.

After observing, remove the lid and watch as the cloud moves out of the jar and into the air.

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