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Frozen Water Trick

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

By Mei Yee

For this experiment you will need just three main things; water, gel powder, and a cup to put them in.

You can get dye/ink to put in if you want it to be colorful. The shovel in the picture is what we used to scoop out the gel powder, as it came with the kit. But a teaspoon will work just fine! (Side note: the pipette is in the picture but that is because my daughter wanted to use it to stir the water and ink, but one is not needed for this.)

We put 30ml of water into a cup and added a few drops of pink ink. Once those were mixed, we added two teaspoons of gel powder.

I then told her to flip the cup over...


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Authors notes:

While we did use Crayola products, this is not an advertisement for their products, and we are not getting paid to use their products. I saw a kit at the store and thought "oo fun", so I bought it haha.


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