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2D Easter Basket

What you will need to make these easy 2D Easter Baskets are:

  1. -Paper (Or poster board)

  2. -Pastel Paint (Any colors)

  3. -Glue

  4. -Brown paper

  5. -Sponges

First cut the sponges into egg shapes. I found a pack of 4 sponges at the dollar store for $1.50 and only used two of them to make four eggs. How big you want the eggs will depend on how much sponge you will need. I cut two sponges in half then cut them into eggs. Or if you're bad at cutting sponges like I am then as close to an egg shape as you can.

Next cut up the brown paper into strips. It can be construction paper but I actually used the brown paper bags we got from the store. 

On your paper or poster board draw the outline of a basket. I did it in pencil first that way if the kids wanted to either use a marker or the brown paper to make the handle they could. The outline is for a reference to where the bottom of the basket will be.

Then stamp on your eggs. Yes, before making the basket. This way you can fill the bottom part before adding the paper strips. It does say pastel paint, however if you do not have pastel paint on hand but have other colors and white paint then mix a little of the white paint to lighten the bold colors. OR use those bold colors, there is no law that says “pastel colors only for Easter”. Personally, we just love using pastel colors at spring time. 

After the eggs dry, glue the brown paper strips in any pattern you want. If you did fill the bottom of the basket, leave some gaps between the strips so you can see the eggs through it.

Then either glue the paper strips for the handle or use a marker, or crayon to draw one. And that is it, you're all done!


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