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Cold Lava?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

By Mei Yee

For this experiment you will be trying to make something like a homemade lava lamp, or that is what the experiment suggests. Side note, I did not name the experiment.

For this experiment you will need:

  1. Gel Powder

  2. 1/2 Teaspoon

  3. Food Dye

  4. Measuring cup

  5. Cylinder Container (with lid)

  6. Spoon or something to stir with

  7. Vegetable or baby oil (We used vegetable, not sure if baby oil will have a different response)

  8. Table Salt

  9. Water

Not everything is pictured. (The paintbrush is there as we used the other end of it to stir the contents)

First measure 20ml of oil and pour it into your container.

Next in the measuring cup, add 20ml of water. And add a couple drops of dye to the water.

Do not mix them yet! Add half a teaspoon of gel powder to the oil and stir.

Once you stir that, then add the colorful water to the oil.

Next take 2 scoops of the half teaspoon full of salt and put into the mixture.

Lastly, put the cap on and shake to see the results!

As I mentioned above, it said it was supposed to be more like a lava lamp, and while that wasn't the effect we got, we still thought it was pretty cool to see all the little bubbles.

Let us know what how yours turned out!


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