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Experiment: Forever Snow

By Mei Yee

We wanted to get back into doing experiments weekly, so while at the store we found an experiment kit! It gives instructions for 50 different experiments and gives you supplies for 18.

They had two different kits, the girls picked out the artic lab and their reasoning was because it was still snowing where we live.

We decided to do the Forever Snow experiment. From the kit we needed:

  • White Model Magic

  • Ink bottles

  • Mixing pot

  • Snow Powder

  • Shovel

  • Paintbrush

  • Granulated cylinder

  • Display jar

  • Water (not in the kit)

(Side note: snow powder can be bought outside of this kit, so if you wish to try this you do not need to buy this specific kit)

The first step is to make a snowman out of the model magic. Next, you put some ink in the mixing pot and paint the snowman. (Ink on the skin is washable, as I learned by accidentally getting the blue all over my hand... oops).

Next, you put two shovel scoopfuls of the snow powder into the display jar.

After that fill up the granulated cylinder to the 25ml line.

Dump that into the display jar, on top of the powdered snow.

Lastly, you put your little snowman on top of the snow!

I believe it says to put everything in the display jar so you can.. well display it for a while as the snow doesn't melt! As you saw above our little snowman wouldn't stand up at first, so our snow got a little colorful, haha. Then the girls just had fun with the snow and mixing the colors into it!


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