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Pookie's Playhouse

At The Adventures of Pookie, we know that you want to make sure your kids are watching, reading, and learning from kid-friendly content - no swearing, no mature themes. Just wholesome material that’s entertaining for kids. 


In order to do that you need to know what your kids are watching, reading, and learning about at all times. 


The problem is that there is NEVER ENOUGH time! Which makes you feel like you might be dropping the ball, letting some inappropriate content through.


We believe that the answer to maintaining your child’s well-being is to create boundaries when it comes to the content they consume.


We understand no one has the time to prescreen videos, classes, and books, which is why we create, test, and screen all of our content, so you don’t have to worry!

Here’s how we do it:

1.) Choose one of our Pookie's Playhouse Boxes... or two or three! 

In each box, your child can look forward to getting a book, an art lesson, art supplies, and a whole lotta fun in the mail!


2.) Join The Imagination Express for more creative ideas while you wait for your first box to arrive!




3.) Watch your child's imagination flourish... while you sit back and have a coffee! 

Stop worrying about the content your kids are consuming!

 Instead, provide imaginative, fun entertainment and learning for them.

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Imagination Express-3.jpg
Imagination Express-1.jpg
Each box contains: 
  • One Children's Book

  • Themed Art Lesson

  • Art Supplies for One Project

  • Letter from Pookie

  • Exclusive Creative Learning Video Online


With your first box order, you will receive a copy of our

101 Drawing Prompts for Kids as a gift from us! Use code 101PROMPTS at checkout.

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