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Experiment: Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

By Mei Yee

(Please ignore any messes and background toys, we play hard in this house!)

For this weeks experiment we are trying Shaving Cream Rain Clouds. For this one it says you will need;

1. A Couple clear glasses (vases or bowls)

2. Food coloring

3. Shaving Cream

4. Small bowls (or containers) that can hold 1 to 2 ounces

5. Water

6. An eye dropper, syringe or ¼ teaspoon measuring spoon

(This is our craft table, yes I know there is a split in it, haha. I am working on a new one.)

First we put water in the small containers and added food coloring, 10 drops of each color. We then set those to the side.

Next we got the glasses out, filled them with water, and then topped them with the shaving cream. They are shorter glasses so we filled them up a bit so they could see the “rain” falling better.

Then we didn’t have any droppers in the house so we used measuring spoons. They scooped out a little bit of the coloring mixture and poured it over top of the shaving cream.

After that, the colored rain is to fall through the clouds like rain. Which it did, but not as well as the other pictures we saw. Although I think I was the only one a bit disappointed. My eleven-year-old said they become like storm clouds after adding so much colored rain.

In the end they had fun doing this one, but said they like the lemon volcano experiment more. If you missed that one, check it out here; Experiment: Lemon Volcano

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