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Pookie Studios

The Adventures of Pookie entertainment company brings you trustworthy, fun stories and shows with great messages for young kids!

Mission Fat Hearts


Santa is discouraged about seeing so many names on the naughty list. He devises a plan and deploys his secret agent elves to give top-secret missions to kids. The mission: Help Santa spread more joy during the holiday season. He sends his best elf, Kisa, to recruit some very special pups, Pookie & Thor, to help encourage some kids that need it the most.

RENT or BUY Here

Can Kindness Change the World?


A documentary from The Adventures of Pookie LLC, produced by author Rebecca Yee-Peters, shares the idea that one act of kindness can create a ripple effect that can eventually change the world.


With guest appearances by Brooke Allison, Jonathan Masiulionis, Jan Foster, Mandy Rohr, and Nadishka Aloysius, and many kids who let us into their minds, we are proud to introduce you to our mission to spread love and kindness in the world.

Watch HERE on YouTube

Fluffies in the Wild

fluffies logo.jpg

Currently in production for a 2023 release, Ollie the Owl takes us on a journey through the wilderness to explore various endangered animals.

Up & Atom

Up & Atom Logo_300x.png

Currently in production for a 2023 release, Up & Atom will be a fun science experiment show where kids can see experiments happen and learn the science behind them. 

Totally Pawsible!

screen grab 2.jpg

Currently in production for a 2023 release, Pookie has decided she wants to figure out life. So she has started her very own vlog in order to inspire other kids to live their life to the fullest.

Sprinkled with Sweetness


Chef Kaliyah and Chef Natalya as they introduce baking in a FUN and EASY way!


Kids can follow along in the fun with their very own Sprinkled with Sweetness cookbook!


Watch seasons 1 & 2 on YouTube

Season 3 is currently being filmed!

Bow Wow Besties

promo copy.jpg

Currently in production for a 2023 release.

Bow Wow Besties is a fun animated show about 3 siblings who learn and grow together. This show will teach your kids life lessons in a fun way.

Pup 8 News

Pup 8 News logo.png

Join Pookie & Thor in their FUN NEW animated news show for kids!

We are currently working on updating the animations and getting you a brand new show! 

But in the meantime,

watch here on YouTube!

Bedtime Stories
with Gigi Stephy

Untitled-1 copy2.jpg

Currently in production for a 2023 release, Gigi Stephy reads children's books aloud for kids as they drift off to sleep. 

Other Shows in Production

  • Adventures of Pookie

  • Stripes in Space

  • Mission Fat Hearts Kids

  • Powerline Travelers

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