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Now you see it

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

By Mei Yee

For this experiment? Trick? ... whichever you prefer to call it, can be done with a few things.

  1. Water beads

  2. Teaspoon

  3. Food dye

  4. A clear tube (with a lid)

  5. A Flashlight

  6. Water

You don't really need the teaspoon unless you want to make it easier to scoop out the water beads. You only need about 15 of the water beads. Take the water beads and put them in the container.

Then fill the container about halfway with water.

The next part might be the hardest. Let the water beads sit in the water for an hour. (Check below for other experiments you can do while waiting!)

After an hour, you will notice it is hard to see the water beads. Add some dye to the water.

Put the lid on it and shake it to mix it up, and you will notice the beads are still hard to see.

The next part requires a dark room and the flashlight. Shake it up to get the beads moving and shine the flashlight on it to see what happens.


Looking for more fun? Check out our other experiments below!


Authors notes:

While we did use Crayola products, this is not an advertisement for their products, and we are not getting paid to use their products. I saw a kit at the store and thought "oo fun", so I bought it haha.


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