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Digging Into Valentine's Day Cards

Did you know about 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged, and that is not including the ones children pass out in class. This would make Valentine’s day the second largest holiday for giving out cards. (Information according to Hallmark).

Fun fact: Valentine’s Day is not celebrated around the world. And a lot of countries that do celebrate it do not celebrate it on February 14th. 

"Mother of the Valentine"
Esther Howland

It can be seen as far back as the early 1700s that Americans would exchange hand-made valentines. But it wasn’t until the 1840s that they started being mass-produced by Esther Howland. This is how she became known as the “Mother of the Valentine.” She also was the founder of the New England Valentine Company.

Howland also published a 31 page book that contained Valentine's verses for customers to pick from. It was titled “The New England Valentine Co.’s Valentine Verse Book” and it consisted of 131 verses. When customers would pick out the verse they wanted they would be able to paste it over the original verse on the Valentine’s card. 

Did you know this about about Valentines Day cards?


For family valentine's fun check out a quick craft and some easy valentines day cookies!

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