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Rainbow Snow?

By Mei Yee

I wasn't sure whether to label this one as a craft or experiment, as it could fall into either category.

For this you will need;

  1. Snow Powder

  2. Water

  3. Display Jar (size is up to you)

  4. Colored ink; Note: If the ink isn't washable make sure to use gloves.

  5. Teaspoon (used for measuring snow powder)

  6. Measuring cup (you will need one with ml)

For the first layer, in the measuring cup add 10ml of water and 3 drops of ink color(whatever color you want); either mix with spoon or swirl it around to mix them together. Then put a teaspoon of snow powder into the display cup. Lastly pour the water/ink mix on top of the snow powder.

For the second layer, measure out 15ml of water and 3 drops of ink. In the display cup add another teaspoon of snow powder (on top of the first layer). Then pour the water/ink mix on top.

Now, depending on how big your display cup will depend on how many layers total you will have. We had 9 layers total.

So, for us, layers 3 through 8 we measured out 20ml of water and 4 drops of ink for each layer. And also, with each layer we used two teaspoons of snow powder.

For the last layer we used 15ml of water and 3 drops of ink. Added one teaspoon of snow powder and then dumped the water/ink mix on top.

Final result:

While snow powder is normally used for science experiments this almost seemed more like a craft. It reminded me of the different colored sand jars people make. This is the same snow powder used in the Forever Snow experiment we did. So, we thought we should display our forever rainbow snow for awhile.

The experiment we did for it was to see if it changed over time, and to see if it really was "forever" snow.

Results a week later:

While the snow is still going strong, still feels the same and everything. The colors have blurred together. So, it is not as vibrant as it was in the beginning. However, this was fun and easy to do.


Authors notes:

While we did use Crayola products, this is not an advertisement for their products, and we are not getting paid to use their products. I saw a kit at the store and thought "oo fun", so I bought it haha.


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