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10 Activities to Help with Fine Motor Skills and Have fun!

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Developing your children's fine motor skills is important. But helping them develop them isn’t always easy. And finding activities to help them can be harder.

Here are some websites I found that have different activities and crafts to do with your children to help them develop their fine motor skills and to have some family fun!

1.) Jennifer at Early Learning Ideas says she goes to the dollar store to find cheap items to use to help with fine motor skills. Here she uses tongs for sorting activities, place game counters, for counting activities, and in dramatic play setups. You can find this and more dollar store ideas HERE.

2.) Beth at Days with Grey says she loves creating fine motor skill activities! From helping children hold scissors to activities that strengthen children's hands. Using tape, scissors, squeeze bottles and so much more, you can find the activity ideas HERE.

3.) Ashley at Lovely Commotion goes through the steps to make a fine motor box. What is a fine motor box? It is a box that has spearate fine motor activities (along with instructions of how to complete the activity), this way they stay organized. Which makes them perfect for preschool classrooms! Check them out HERE.

4.) Over at OT Mom Learning Activities they have a section with fine motor skill activities for older kids. They have this section because "Fun activities that delight younger kids may be just "not cool"!" A lot of these are done with everyday items, so no need to spend extra money. Check them out HERE.

5.) Sheryl from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds shares how to strengthen fine motor skills with water. She says it is "One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to strengthen preschool fine motor skills is with water." If you are curious, check out the activity HERE.

6.) The OT Toolbox has different acitivites and games to delevlope fine motor skills. The main thing they use for these ones are paperclips. Yes, that is right, paperclips. They say paperclips are really great for improving fine motor skills in preschoolers. Check out the games HERE.

7.) Nichole from You Clever Mokney has put together more than twenty activities that will help your child develop fine motor skills. Some of those include items like stickers, hole punchers, yarn, and even LEGOs. To check out the activities click HERE.

8.) Meraki Lane goes through what fine motor skills are and how important they are. They then put together 18 differrent activites to try at home.The activities vary depending from a fine motor skills sensory bin to fine motor play with a carrot. Check out the rest HERE.

9.) Mrs. D's Corner has a finger gym to help develop fine motor skills. The finger gym is exactly how it sounds, a gym for your fingers. Mrs. D even breaks down the supplies you need to build the gym. Check out the gym HERE.

10.) At Growing a Jeweled Rose they have combined 35 simple fine motor activities. These include activities like fruit loop towers and pip cleanr sculptures. Check them all out HERE.

These are just a few of the many I found. The reason I wanted to share these with you guys was that I liked the ideas these ones had.


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