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Valentine Craft

By Mei Yee

Normally I get everything on my own to make crafts with my kids. However, when I was at the store, I saw a kit for $5. It only had one craft in it, but it looked cute. So, I got it.

As you can see you make your own characters with these sturdy toilet paper rolls. They also come with instructions as to how the characters should be created. Yeah, I tossed that out. I wanted them to do their own thing when creating these. Each one did come in its own pack with all the stickers it would need.

After everyone got their own, this is where things became chaotic. From one freaking out that it needed to look like the box to one making an emo alligator. But it was chaotic in a fun way. We all got to the point of laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. It took us about 40 minutes to make, because of changes made to the characters and time for laughter.

They all named theirs...

Coral- Glitters

Yellow- Kung Jook

Green- Grees Crees (Formerly Emo Gator)

Purple- Cohn Jena (Can't be John Cena because we can see him)


Result of this boxed craft, worth the $5. Especially since it was something to do together, and everything was already separated and there was no fighting (surprisingly haha).

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