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Painting Pumpkins?

By Mei Yee

While it is true most people prefer to carve pumpkins (us included at one point) but for the past few years we have just been painting our pumpkins. The story behind that is simple, my kids couldn't carve pumpkins on their own and got tired of waiting for me to do everyones haha.

Okay so ... painting can be messy just as carving a pumpkin can be, you can grab a dispoable table cloth at the dollar or grab one you have on hand (if fabric make sure your paint is washable or make sure it is one you do not mind getting paint on it).

The paint is crayola paint that the made specifically for pumpkins. I didn't know until this year they made pumpkin paint.

I just put some paint on a paper plate and let them do their own thing!

They had fun and got to be creative in their own way!


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