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3 Halloween Crafts - 2021

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

By Mei Yee

Doing crafts with your children is always fun to do. And Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. So, it made sense for us to do Halloween crafts every year.

Here are three easy crafts to try with your child;

1. Spiders. Not eww, but cute. At least these spiders are. You just need some black pom poms, pipe cleaners (any color you like), and googly eyes. Take four pipe cleaners (2 if you only want 4 legs to make smaller spiders), Twist them two or three times all at the middle, to secure them together. Then shape four on each side to make the legs. Glue the pom poms to the middle where you twisted the pipe cleaners. Then add googly eyes.

2. Ghosts. For these you will need white tissue paper, suckers, string (your choice of color), and googly eyes. The size of the ghost depends on the size of the sucker. Bigger suckers will require more tissue paper. Measure the sucker to see how much tissue paper will be needed to cover the whole sucker (stick and all). Once you do that, cut the tissue paper. Then where the sucker meets the stick, tie the string to secure the tissue paper. And of course then add the googly eyes.

3. Characters from toilet paper rolls. For this one you will need toilet paper towel rolls, paint (your choice depending on who you are making), construction paper, markers, googly eyes if wanted. Grab some empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls, and you can cut them to make more characters). Paint them; example: if doing a jack-o-lantern use orange, or if making a witch you could use green. Let them dry, and while waiting you can cut out faces (eyes, nose, mouth). Maybe a hat for the witch or a stem for the pumpkin. Or when they are dry you can draw faces on them with markers.


Share some of your favorite Halloween crafts with us on Facebook @TheAdventuresOfPookie. If you do we will share them in our next post!

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