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Confessions of a New Mother: Losing Friends

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

By Makayla Hill

Something I have learned about having a child is that not everyone will stay in your life. Most of my friends are in their teens and they want to go out and party all the time. And I used to go with them.

However, now that I am a mother my priorities have changed and I cannot go out whenever I want to party all night long. I would be lying if I said no part of me wants to go, and I have gone out with some of them, but my daughter still comes first.

Me putting her first has caused friends to leave. I do not blame my daughter in any way. I just found out those weren’t true friends as they were upset that I put my daughter first. And at first it was hard to accept that years of friendship were tossed away so easily. But I feel like I made the right choice in choosing my daughter.

I found out this is something you learn to be okay with. While you are trying to better yourself for not only your future but your child's future they are getting angry by that fact. They think you’re the one who has changed. And you know what? They aren’t wrong. You have changed. Because you now have someone else who depends on you.

And you know, we will be okay. We still have people in our lives that love and care for both of us. I know we will also meet people like that in the future as well. While it is a shame things happened the way they did between my friends and I, I am not sad. I look at my daughter and know I made the right choice.


Join me for more parts of "Confessions of a New Mother" as I go through this journey with my baby girl.

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