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Confessions of a New Mother: Gossip

By Makayla Hill

Another thing I learned after having a child is that you become a gossip topic. What I mean by that is others will always have something to say about you. Which yes can be true even if you don’t have kids, but I have noticed how much worse it has become after I had kids.

(So yes this does tie in with my last post).

I have recently had an experience where people decided to gossip about me, which is their choice. But it happened in front of me and things that have never happened to me or things that I have not done became a topic of things I did. And a lot of it had to do with me as a mother and how I am raising my child. The main issue I had with this was this was the first time we saw each other since I had my daughter. So, they knew nothing about my parenting style.

This showed me what kind of people they are and reminded me that people will talk about you. So, I have been teaching myself to not let it bother me. But I can honestly say this only has been a recent thing I have been trying to do to show my daughter how to handle things. Before I did not think of not reacting, like people always got some kind of reaction from me. I have realized, their words don’t change who I am or how I am as a mother.


On the topic of giving others something to talk about...


I am pregnant with my second child! 💗🥰


Join me for more parts of "Confessions of a New Mother" as I go through this journey with my baby girl.

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