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Working From Home with Children

By Mei Yee

Working from home with little ones in the house is always going to be a challenge.

So, the day doesn’t end with everyone being frustrated; make a plan. Whether on Sunday for the whole week or the night before. It is better to have everything planned out.

Try to create a schedule to help keep the kids on track, one they would have daily at a daycare or preschool. For example, this way, they know daily after they eat lunch, it is time to lay down for a nap.

You could set up a desk or clear some table space to have their own “workspace.” This way, they feel included in what you’re doing. Set specific times for them to be in there. It could get to be too much of a distraction to have them in there all day.

Set up a time, and time limit, for screen time as well. Do you have an important meeting this Thursday at 11 AM? Let them have their tablets (if they have them) or play video games in another room. It keeps them distracted long enough for you to have your meeting in peace.

So, you do not have to clean up all of the toys they own daily, put their toys in bins, and let them have one or two of them. This way, they know those are the designated toys for the day.

If you let them have two for the day, this would be a good time to teach them to clean up after themselves. You could do the whole “you can have this one after you clean up your other toys” thing.


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