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Why Would You Dye Your Childs Hair

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

By Mei Yee

Okay so, this is a question people have asked me a lot frequently. That could be because I recently dyed my children's hair. No, it is not the first time I dyed their hair. When the pandemic first hit and we were all home, first thing I did was dye my hair.

At the time I wasn't allowed to dye my hair at work, and I figured while at home no one would be able to tell if I kept my hair pulled back on the zoom meetings, haha.

Well, my kids wanted to dye their hair like I did. To which I was like "absolutely you can!" We didn't bleach their hair back then, but this time we did. Which has caused some "issues" with others.

My youngest is five and people say that bleaching her hair was not appropriate. I just ignored them, sorry not sorry moment. I didn't go all the way up to her scalp as to avoid any burning as her scalp is sensitive.

With my twelve-year-old, no one said anything about whether it was appropriate or not. They only mentioned if they liked it or not. Side note: she just wanted the ends dyed.

One chose a bright pink, and the other chose a green but she wanted it to not be so bright (it's the same green that I put in my hair, so she used that as a reference), so we used a pastel-izer to tone down the color.

Note: I do not get any money from any sales for Manic Panic, it is the brand I have used most over the years as they have certain colors I like better and I have had no issues with the color (like allergic reactions)

So, is there a certain age where bleaching your child's hair is "acceptable"? Don't know, but my kids are happy with their hair, and they feel special, and that is why I dye their hair.

What about you?


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