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Time of Day Part 2: Favorite Time of the Day

By Mei Yee

Part 2 of 3:

For my favorite time of the day, I would have to say is nighttime.

Not just because it means bedtime. To me, this is the calmest time of the day.

I am done with work, and the girls are done with school. We have eaten dinner and are now able to relax. We use this time to either do things on our own or do something together.

Sometimes it is nice for us to unwind together with a movie, board game, or video game. Other times we like to do our own thing. It depends on what kind of day we had.

I also like looking up at the moon and stars. It has its own calming effect for me. I occasionally think that this could be one of my most productive times of the day.

Throughout the day, my mind is like a browser with 52 open tabs trying to find one specific tab but can't. Of course, it isn't like that at night, but maybe that is because I close all tabs after dinner.

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