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Stocking Stuffers from Santa

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

By Mei Yee

What do you normally put into your child's stocking?

Do you put in extra gifts or random goodies?

As my children are impatient (so am I), they normally do not open gifts on Christmas. So, with my 12-year-old, we never really did Santa will bring you gifts if you are good. I have always been selfish in the sense, I paid good money for these gifts so why does Santa get all the credit? Plus, it worked out since she would normally open gifts early.

That turned into I would buy clothes and say, "Santa got you the clothes but everything else is from me."

Which I found out a year after I started doing that, that others did that too. But they weren't as selfish as I was. They wanted to do it so kids wouldn't feel like they weren't as good as others if they didn't get an iPad (or something else expensive) from Santa.

I liked the idea. So, then it would turn into Santa would get you things you need, and I would get you things you want. Which I then realized that other in my family got my kids things they need too. So, I changed what I did again.

Their stockings were now from Santa. I honestly never put much thought into the stockings as they always just ended up being filled with last minute things. But those "last minute" things, became special gifts from Santa.

I started putting more thought into what to fill them with. Which mainly consists of some kind of small toy, chapstick (so they stop stealing mine), small bottle of lotion (again so they stop stealing mine), a pack of markers/colored pencils (each kid likes different color tools), a small sketch book or activity book, and candy. Sometimes a random item ends up in there as well.

I wait for them to go to sleep on Christmas eve, and then I fill up their stockings. This still keeps the magic of Santa alive for them without emphasizing on expensive items. As most of these items I get from the dollar sections in the stores.


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