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Snacks From Other Countries?

By Mei Yee

The chefs from Sprinkled with Sweetness, Kaliyah and Natalya (my niece and daughter), decided to try some different snacks from around the world! Japan, Italy, Canada, Australia, and Taiwan.

We went to a world market, and they got to pick out the snacks they wanted to try! (And some they have already tried, haha).

The snacks they tried are:

  • Amaretti Biscuits

  • Lucky Stars Candy

  • Matcha Marshallows

  • Starwberry Senbei

  • Hello Panda (Caramel)

  • TimTam

  • Bubble Milk Tea Cakes

  • Baguette Crisps

Watch the video below to see which ones they picked as their favorite!

Send them a message if you have a favorite recipe, you want them to make!


Catch the Sprinkled with Sweetness show (and specials) here!


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