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By Mei Yee

What comes to your mind when you see or hear the words “self-care?” Is it a luxury or necessity?

I used to think I couldn’t afford to take time for self-care. I have kids who need me, and I can’t be “selfish.” Those were my thoughts. However, I have found out it isn’t selfish.

A reference I like using, trying to fill others' cups up when yours is empty. It is impossible to give when you have nothing left to give.

Self-care, as a parent, isn’t always easy, but we do owe it to ourselves to take the time. Even if five or ten minutes here and there.

How many times have you made yourself a cup of coffee or tea and went to do other things and forgot about it? When you make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit and enjoy it. This is important; unless the house is on fire or your children are killing each other, stay sitting. Take these few moments to yourself to just breathe.

Do you use face masks? Whether paper, clay, or another kind (as there are many), put one on and just sit down and relax. Watch your favorite tv show, or take this time to enjoy your coffee too. If you have little ones that want to join in, let them! Give them a mask and have them relax with you.

Need to get out? Go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

Want to stay in? If you're into video games, play them. Or read a book!

Even little things that you don’t get to do daily do them! Self-care isn’t selfish; it is necessary for you and those around you!

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