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Posting Photos of Your Kids

By Mei Yee

Posting photos of my children online…

I have always been selective with what I post, as most parents are. Even though my personal accounts are set up to where only my friends can see them, I get paranoid.

“But you share pictures of your children on here,” “you’re daughter does a cooking show,” “everyone shows off their children.” “you are being overprotective.” Like, whoa calm down!

Those are some of the things people say to me when I tell them I am worried about sharing pictures of my children online. So let me explain them one by one…

(And remember, these are just my personal thoughts and feelings.)

“But you share pictures of your children on here.” Yes, now I do. I am not as paranoid as before. I was in a bad relationship with my children's dad, and I was very paranoid he was still looking for us. I am not as paranoid now.

“You’re daughter does a cooking show.” Yes, with her older cousin/best friend, she adores her older cousin and wants to do more things with her. I won’t keep her from that.

(Niece on the left, she did give permission to post the picture.)

“Everyone shows off their children?” I am not everyone. And to be fair, I do post pictures of my children here and there. My eleven-year-old doesn’t like photos of her and doesn't like me to post photos of her online. I only post them online if she is okay with it, and if they are pictures I want to share with others.

“You are being overprotective.” I don’t think so. This world is scary anymore, can’t I protect them?

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