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Playtime in the Snow

By Mei Yee

Snow ... the frozen wet stuff that falls from the sky. It's pretty in theory when you don't have to go anywhere and can stare at it through a window while drinking hot coffee/tea/cocoa.

I will admit that I was excited about it for our first snowfall of the year. I was maybe more excited than my kids, haha. We usually have lots of snow, but so far this winter, we only had maybe 1/2 inch; over three different days it "snowed." So, this time the snow was heading towards with a winter storm warning of 11-14 inches.

That usually would have me stressed out over work and getting the kids to school. I have massive anxiety driving in the snow. (They don't always clear the roads, no matter how bad they are.) I used to work jobs where you were still expected to be there. Even if you got into an accident because of the weather.

Although, I now have an at-home job with a fantastic boss who let me take a break to go play in the snow with my kids. I am very lucky! And very thankful, my boss understands how important family is.

Playing in the snow can is a painful joy. It's cold out, and your clothes are all wet (whether we have a snowsuit or not, they always seem to get wet), but yet you're having so much fun that it doesn't bother you! Until you go inside

The snow we got wasn't packing snow, so no snowballs or snowmen. However, they had fun trying to find the sticks they played with last night when the snow started. (Writing their names in the snow). And they made snow angels.

They had lots of fun rolling in the snow. But for times like these, it makes me wonder what else we could do in the snow. I had thought of snow art, where we would take food coloring and water it down in a squeeze bottle. And they could use it as paint. I'm not sure if that is already a thing people do or not, but I will keep you guys updated if we do it and how it turns out!


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