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Parents Emergency Car Kit

By Mei Yee

Do you have a parent emergency kit for your car? The thought has crossed my mind before, but I have never made one. I would just stash stuff in the car, but it makes more sense to have a spot for everything. (It often gets scattered in the car, and then I cannot find it.)

Start with a bag/tote/case etc. Something big enough to hold everything you want. Somethings I think would be good to have in there are;

First aid kit. This one is self-explanatory, better to be safe than sorry.

Extra clothes (and diapers for younger ones). Whether you’re at the park and they have an accident or on a long trip and someone gets sick, I think everyone (yourself included) should have an extra outfit.

Extra bags. Like the bags from the grocery store. Keep a few of those in there to hold wet or soiled clothes in. Or in case someone starts to feel sick.

Baby wipes; to wipe off hands before or after eating. Maybe someone spilled something.

Snacks and water. Just in case the kids (or yourself) get cranky and need something to eat. Make sure they are something that won’t spoil if it stays in the car for days. The water, well to wash down the snack. But also, in case maybe your car breaks down on a hot day, and your kids become thirsty right as your calling for the tow truck. (This happened to me before, and I was not prepared, and it was additional stress on an already stressful situation.)

I would also keep a blanket in the car in case you would break down while it is cold out. This way, it can help keep the kids warm.

Activity/coloring books. No matter what age your kids are, this would be something that could be used as a distraction for them. Help them pass time kind of thing. Of course, make sure you have some colored pencils for them to use too.

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