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One Year Ago...

By Mei Yee

I have always loved to write, but never did anything with my writings until my sister gave me the chance to. We have worked on comics, chapter books, and a movie. All projects I was proud to be a part of and had fun writing.

Also being a single mother, while working other jobs, it was hard to keep up with helping her more in depth. Which was sad to me because I really enjoyed working with her. I really enjoyed being able to be creative with my writing.

Fastforward to 2021, where I had a government job, that I loved when I started it. But by this time, I was mentally stressed. Not from the job itself, but because I was being bullied by a co-worker and HR was not much help. It got so bad that I started to not want to go to work.

So, what did I do? Naturally, I cried to my big sister about it. I was stressed and needed someone to vent to and someone to give me advice. My sisters are always there for me when I need.

Well ... almost exactly a year ago my sister offered me a job, to write for her on a more permanent basis. I took time to think about it, only because I didn't want my sister to think that I was venting to her so she would offer me a job.

I knew I couldn't stay where I was, as it was affecting me mentally to the point that I was becoming physically sick. Yes, this co-worker was that bad but neither HR nor our boss did anything. So, I stopped going to them and made the decision to leave and work for my sister.

It was the best choice I have made in a long time. Not only do I get to do what I love, but I also have been able to take time to work on healing myself. There is a lot of trauma in my past that I haven't been able to deal with. However, I am finally getting to do that and I have noticed some healing.


I am not just saying this because I work for my sister, but I really love my job and the work I get to do. It's also nice to have the flexible schedule to work around doctors appointments (for me and the kids), counseling, kids being sick, anything that would have been issues at any other job I had in the past.

I will forever be thankful for this opportunity I was given one year ago.


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