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New Year's Resolutions

By Mei Yee

I actually got on Google to see about New Years Resolutions and if people still do them. Why? I never see anyone post about them or talk about them anymore.

The last person I heard talk about them was a former coworker from 2 years ago. She went on about how her resolution was to make everyone vegan. She gave a list of reasons why her being vegan made her better than everyone, which did have me like uh okay?

But I had no issues with her resolution (who am I to stop someones' dream), until I caught her a week later inhaling shrimp in the breakroom. She said after being vegan for three years she gives up on it. Wait ... what?

Apparently, it is very common that those who make resolutions do not stick to them. Or that is what I found on my search. About 45% of Americans make resolutions, and by the second week of January 25% give up on their resolutions.

Not saying I don't understand, or that I have never given up on a resolution, but that is a lot of people. I think this is why I just don't make any, because I know I won't keep any. Then along my search I also found that 30% of Americans do not even make a resolution for the same reason.

I think the last time I made a resolution was when I was 16 years ago. I have tried to set goals instead. Some have told me it is the same thing. Here is how I see it, it's a new year but it's not a new me. I am still random and sarcastic. I just set small realistic goals.

Not sure how many others do the same, but I do it because it can be depressing to set an unachievable goal and then fail at making it. For example, I used to set ridiculous resolutions like "lose 50 pounds by the end of Jan", and yes I did mean naturally and not with liposuction or something like it.

Changed it up from losing a certain amount by a certain time to "go from walking a mile a day to jogging a mile a day within 6 weeks". Well, maybe every day is a bit much, but they would be something like that.

(Side note: I am not fit and in no way shape or form am I giving exercise advice because outside of walking a mile 3 times a week I sometimes blow off other workouts. Those workouts I do at home and often don't make goals with them, haha.)

I really want to know if anyone has made a resolution and kept it. Not in a mean way, but genuinely curious as so far in my life I have never met anyone who has kept one.

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