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Nature Crafts for Kids

By Mei Yee

Do your children love nature? Do they like crafts? Have you ever combined them?

Here are some nature crafts to try.

Ladybug rocks; you will need some rocks and paint. Black will be the main color used for this one. Your lady buys don’t have to be just red. Make sure you cover the rock in whatever color you choose. Let it dry before you move on to adding its spots. Also, pick one end of the rock and just paint that end black; this will be the head of the ladybug. Once that dries, use some white to make the eyes, then put small black dots in the center of the white. And you can do this with any rocks; smooth flat stones seem to work best, but they can be hard to find without buying them.

Stick people, literally. Gather some sticks, get out some yarn and googly eyes. You can choose to give them arms or legs simply by taking smaller sticks and using the yarn to wrap around them and hold them in place. Then continue to use yarn to be wrapped around to make their clothes. Help your children glue on the googly eyes with a hot glue gun. You can use yarn for hair if you want to get fancy with them.

Shell Creatures; you will need shells, googly eyes, and paint. Start with the paint. Paint the shells however you want and let them dry. Once they are dry, glue the eyes on, can use either a hot glue gun or regular glue. Let the glue dry, and that is it!


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