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Mysterious Gift Bag

By Mei Yee

Yesterday, we were pulling into our driveway when I saw something on the front door. I immediately rolled my eyes thinking it way someone trying to sell or promote something. You know, something I would just end up throwing away. (I say that from my experience of things people have put on my door).

Once we are in the house, I make my way to the front door and see this Christmas gift bag.

I don't know if you can tell by the way I was holding it but that I was scared to. I was like "who and why?"

I start texting my sisters about it and how I was scared to open it. Kisa came over, tried to touch it and I pulled it away and shouted, "DON'T TOUCH IT, IT MIGHT BE A BOMB". ... So, you know, I was thinking very rationally at this point.



Natalya: I want to see a bomb

Natalya pushed Kisa out of the way and tried to touch it too. And this time both me and Kisa were like "NO".

I was like, "there's a tag, let's see who it's from first." (Yes, I really did say first after I freaked out and called it a bomb).

Oh no! The tag is blank. Why is it blank? I am texting live updates to my sisters about this, and of course they are laughing at me for my reactions, but they understood my panic.

I was like, "well guess we have to open it."

Kisa: should we get hazmat suits first?

Natalya: can I watch the bomb explode?

(Haha, my poor kids.)

I open it slowly and see the girls backing away from me, like they were waiting for some kind of boom.

I pulled out some candy and Natalyas comes running up going "oo chocolate". Kisa pulls her back and goes, "No Natalya we do not know that chocolate."

There was also a candy cane, gel bead pack, and hot cocoa mix. And I am like what the fluff is all this? Duh, there was a note in there.

Feel free to laugh, I laughed at myself. I have never had any other landlord or rental company do anything like this. So, they were the last people I was expecting this to be from. However, I should have known better as they gave me a welcoming gift when we just moved in back in March of this year.

I mean I still inspected the chocolate before the girls ate it, because I am paranoid sometimes. But it was still a nice jester that we don't normally get, and it wasn't a bomb! (In case you're wondering; yes, I do have severe anxiety haha).

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