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Musical Inspriation: Anpanman

By Mei Yee

For this week's musical inspiration song, I have chosen Anpanman by BTS.

(Photo credit: Mnet)

First off, let’s backtrack some. Anpanman was created in Japan in 1973 by Takashi Yanase, and it was a very popular children’s picture book about a superhero named, Anpanman. Anpanman is made from anpan. Anpan is a sweet red bean bun. So yes, Anpanman is a red bean bun turned superhero!

Anpanman doesn't have any powers and was considered the weakest "superhero". But that didn't stop him!

The song also talks about how they have no powers, but they won't give up. "I believe in myself because I am a hero", this part of the song, for me, has impact. One thing I struggle with is believing in myself and yet for some reason singing this line gives me the mindset of "i can do this!"

The song has a good meaning behind it, and it is a fun upbeat song. I often listen to this song when I am sad and like magic it helps change my mood!

If you're curious about the song!

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