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Musical Inspiration: I'll Show You

By Mei Yee

As music is a big part of my life, I wanted to start a Musical Inspiration Series.

For the series, I will pick a song that has inspired me in some way. The main purpose of this is to share inspiration with others through music.

First song on the playlist is "I'll Show You" by K/DA. Some of you may have not heard of K/DA. K/DA is actually a group from Riot Games, they took characters from their game (League of Legends) to form a virtual group.

(Credit for all photos and song/song lyrics go to Riot Games)

For this song, it is a solo song for one of the members. This song I like to listen to when I feel down and I kind of get inside my own head (and need to get out). Almost like a self pep-talk but in a song!

"Got fears but I face them and I’ll show you what I’m made of. A heart full of fire, looking at a fighter."

Those are the lyrics I relate to the most. It reminds me that I have survived a lot, overcame a lot of fears. Because I didn't give up!

So, while the song is about a virtual character I really connect with the lyrics. And I hope you they help you in some way as well.


If you get curious to hear the song itself;

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