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Holiday Stress

By Mei Yee

Ah the holidays! What a stress-free time, right? Yeah, I didn't think you would answer with a yes. If you did answer yes, then teach me your ways!

Holiday by definition is "a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done." As a parent we do not even get holidays off. And the whole holiday season is a mess! I am not trying to go all Grinch on you guys, I thoroughly love the Christmas season. Just not the stress that can come along with it.

Let's start with the shopping. Don't get me wrong I love shopping for Christmas gifts ... online. During this time stores get super crowded and it's not like you see in movies where everyone is friendly and polite. It's like a war zone; people are rude and try to run you over with their carts. Had a lady try to run over one of my kids just to get an aisle before we did, and then looked at me like I did something wrong.

The traveling. If you get lucky and do not have to do any traveling, I am jealous. Don't get me wrong, I do not mind traveling to see my family, but it can take a toll. Having to go here and go there and then back to here only to have to all the way over there. All while having kids in the car and making sure you get all of their gifts and stuff the brough from home. Also making sure you do not forget your kids too.

Buying gifts. Well not actually buying the gifts but knowing what gifts to buy. Anyone else have a kid that when you ask "what do you want for Christmas?" and they say "I don't know." And then by the time the realize what they want you already bought them gifts?

Now having to go back to the busy store to return the gifts to buy them something they want can be stressful. While I enjoy watching them open gifts, once they hit a certain age and they tell me they don't know they just get cash or gift cards. Can't go wrong when giving a teen money in some form. (That's what I tell myself anyways.)


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