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Fun Things for Children to do on days off

By Mei Yee

We talked about rainy days in another post and ideas for those rainy days. But what about days that the children have off from school, and it is nice out? Some ideas for those days;

Have a picnic even if you pack things up to go into your yard. The kids will enjoy it.

Take a walk. Play games like I-Spy while walking.

Get out the bikes or scooters. Let them challenge each other, or you can challenge them. Draw a line some ways away in chalk and go!

While you have the chalk out, maybe draw hopscotch, or just draw! Let their imaginations take over and let them cover the whole area that they can.

Bubbles. You can never have enough bubbles in the house, especially since children seem to spill them so quickly.

Create an obstacle course, use the kids' outdoor toys to create it.

This may seem like a simple list, but kids do have a good time doing even simple things with you.

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