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Fun Game Ideas to Play Together

By Mei Yee

Here is a list of four fun games to play with your children.

I Spy. This game is simple but fun. It is a game that doesn’t require you to have anything to play, so you can play wherever you are at. If you're not sure how to play, here is an example. Say you are looking at a blue ball. You would tell those guessing what it is “I spy something blue.” The other will look around and see if they see anything blue and start guessing. If they cannot guess, you can give them more clues. You keep going until someone guesses correctly.

Simon Says. Another simple but fun game. Pick someone to be Simon first. The person who is Simon will give an action command. That person can either say, “Simon says hop on one foot” or “hop on one foot.” If they say Simon says you must do it, and if you do not, then you’re out. However, if they do not say Simon Says and you do not do it, then you’re safe. But if you do the action, then you’re out.

Bowling at home. If you have an at-home bowling set, then great! If not but have it on a game console, then you can play it that way too. But if you have neither, then no worries. If you have a ball and some plastic cups, you can easily set it up to bowl with!

Card Match. They make packs or cards specifically for this game, but you can also use any cards you have at home (as long as there are enough matches). Or you can always make your own! This game also helps develop your child’s logical thinking skills.

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