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Easy Costume Ideas

By Mei Yee

I often find myself, being someone who does things last minute, that even if I plan, it doesn’t always go the way I want. Whether timing issues or maybe something happened, and I can no longer go and spend $50 per kid per costume. I used $50 as the average for costumes, as we just went looking at costumes and that was the average price at this store for children’s costumes.

Here is a list of easy and cheap costume ideas:

The classic sheet ghost. If you have an older sheet at home, use it. Does it have a design on it? Flip it over. Some sheets don’t have that pattern on both sides. While yes you can still see it a little bit, according to my daughter, “it will just add flare to the costume”. Or you can always buy a white sheet for under $10 most places.

Vampire. Grab some fangs, a cape, and the make-up from the Halloween section. These are the basics needed for a vampire costume. What about the clothes under the cape? That is up to you and your child. Do they already have dress clothes at home? Use those. Do they have red or black clothes at home? You could use those as well.

Witch. Get a witch’s hat, make-up (if wanted) and a broom (if you don’t have one at home to borrow). If your child already has a dress at home, you know the one that they love to wear and would everyday if you would let them? Let them make that part of their costume. If they don’t have any dresses or just don’t like them, let them pick out their favorite outfit.

I live in a state where it’s normally very cold on Halloween, so most costumes have to be covered up by a coat. So the children don’t freeze that is. We have had to get creative with costumes if a jacket doesn’t fit under theirs costume. And with the ones I mention above those are easier to work around a jacket or make it easier to wear more layers without making the costume bulky. As kids will complain about that, or mine have in the past.

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