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Decorating Valentine's Day Cookies

By Mei Yee

I mentioned in my last post that I bought a craft kit from the store; well, I also had picked up a cookie decorating kit.

Now, I have always been skeptical about these cookie decorating kits as I wondered about the cookies. Not that I have never bought boxed cookies before, but I don't know why it always felt off. But, decided to try it this year (mainly because I was too lazy to bake cookies myself).

The kit does come with everything you need.

However, we found out there wasn't enough icing to coat them all fully like it shows in the picture on the box. Which was fine because they do give you other decorating icing, so it wasn't lacking in sweetness at all.

As always when we go to do something, there was chaos. Not in a frustrating way, but in a continuous laughter at the things that were happening kind of way. Also, there were sprinkles everywhere.

They had lots of fun decorating them, they did not enjoy eating them so much. They were really hard. I don't know if they are always like this or if we just got the super hard batch, but they were definitely cookies that you had to dunk in a drink to soften up.

My youngest put hers in a container to try to soften them up over time, which took about three days and a few drops of water in the bottom. My 12-year-old timed her dunks, she said it started to get soft after being in cold milk for about 37 seconds.

The flavor was fine, and the price wasn't bad for what you get. But it was the fun we all had decorating them together that made it worth it.

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