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Christmas Traditions

By Mei Yee

What are some Christmas traditions that your family does?

Ours is mainly about spending time with family.

Christmas eve is always spent with my dads side of the family. When we were little we would go to his parents house. And now that everyone is older we go to my dads house.

Christmas has always then always been spent with my mothers side of the family. Same as my dads side, when we were little we would go to her parents house and now we go to our mothers house.

I have been trying to get some of our own traditions going with my kids. Haven't fully found out what we want to do more than one year. My kids have a bigger than normal age gap, so it is hard to find something they both enjoy doing.

The one tradition we do keep in our house is, they get to open their presents on Christmas eve, after we get home from my dads. And then their stockings they get to open on Christmas before we head out to my mothers.

We do bake cookies, do holiday crafts, make (or attempt to make) gingerbread houses and drive around to look at lights, but it's never the same every year. My oldest told me that it doesn't matter what we do; she just likes spending time together.

No matter how you spend the holidays, I hope it is peaceful for you and your family.

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