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Celebrate Christmas in July with Us! with FREE eBooks & a Christmas movie!

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Get ready to jingle all the way in the summer sun with our spectacular Christmas in July celebration! Join us for a festive eBook extravaganza that'll bring holiday cheer to the warmest months of the year. Experience a winter wonderland like never before with these FREE holiday eBooks.

Read all about the books below or download them all now HERE. You can also watch Mission Fat Hearts the movie for FREE with code JULY here. Watch the trailer below.

Where Does Santa Go on Vacation by Kim Ann

The elves have parked the sleigh, and now Santa and Mrs. Claus want a break. Will they pick a fun get away or just relax at home?

Santa and Mrs. Claus are ready for their own vacation. After a busy holiday season all around the world, Santa can’t wait to spend time with Mrs. Claus and have some fun. But with the whole planet at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do?

With golfing, picnics, concerts, and painting all on their list, they’re excited to try everything out for themselves. And since Santa can be hard to spot without his red suit and hat, who knows where they will choose!

Can you guess where Santa and Mrs. Claus might end up?

Where Do Elves Go on Vacation by Kim Ann

The jingle bells have stopped jangling, and now these elves want a break. Will they pick a beach or a snow-covered mountain?

Santa’s little helpers are ready for their own vacation. After a busy holiday season all around the world, the elves can’t wait to visit someplace fun. But with the whole planet at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do?

Can you guess where the happy little helpers will end up?

Santa ABC by Barbara Pinke

Get ready for a jolly ride with Santa while learning your ABCs!

This book is perfect for children who are just starting to learn the alphabet, as well as those who are already familiar with the letters but want to practice and have fun… and for those who love Christmas too!

The Gingerbread Twins by Renee Hayes

Fox loves gingerbread cookies. He has spent years daydreaming about the taste he savored long ago. His determination to perfect his best batch will definitely put his baking skills to the test. Fox’s frustration increases with each failed attempt, until one day when he is jolted awake by an idea in his dreams.

Full of renewed excitement, perseverance, and grit, Fox runs to his bakery to whip up another batch. However, before he could finish decorating, he heard the words he never thought he’d hear:

“This is our chance!”

Effie's Friendsgiving by Jennifer Morhaime

Effie is back once again and is inviting all of her friends to her special Friendsgiving event! Yes, your favorite characters are back as well - Billy, Jessie, and George! We even get to meet a new student, Flynn, whom Effie kindly invites to the festivities.

While Effie and her classmates are discussing holidays with their librarian, Mr. Ridley, they realize how many different holidays their friends celebrate.

In true Effie fashion, she wants to make sure everyone feels welcome at her Friendsgiving. She works really hard with Jessie to make colorful decorations that everyone will enjoy. The excitement builds and the aroma of the delicious food fills the room as her friends start arriving!

Molly Morningstar, Molly on Ice by Andrea Coke

Molly Morningstar yearns to jump on ice during the skating show, but she’s frustrated by what she can't do... YET!

After falling again and again, Molly learns that the fun begins when she gets back up.

Parents and teachers - this is the life lesson you want your children to learn: it’s OK to make mistakes.

Santa Goes Sledding on Christmas Eve by Rox Siles

A delightful story of Santa Claus who loves to have fun instead of focusing on what needs to get done. What could possibly go wrong when Santa goes sledding on Christmas Eve?

The Twelve Fartrageous Days of Christmas by Sheri Wall

The Christmas preparations never stop on the North Pole! Mrs. Claus decides to get a jump on the next holiday season while Santa is out delivering gifts on Christmas Eve. She's anxious to begin the North Pole's twelve days of Christmas festivities, but she knows there's work to do first!

Mrs. Claus does experience the joyous sounds, sweet smells, and good cheer of the holidays – but not in the way you might think!

A Christmas Cookie Exchange (2nd edition) by Sheri Wall

Should you judge a cookie by its sprinkles?

Teach children that what’s in their hearts is more important than outside appearances.

Phil is a plain oatmeal cookie with a yummy fruit filling!

He feels shy and a little sad next to the decorated Christmas cookies at the Christmas cookie exchange party. He longs to be fancy like them.

With support and confirmation from an assortment of cookies: a superhero, a princess, a celebrity, and an athlete, Phil understands his feelings matter, and it is the sweetness within that counts.

SantACHOO by Carli Valentine

ACHOO!!!! Oh no, Santa is sick!

Tinsel and all the other elves must hurry to make a plan! What will happen to Christmas?

Families will enjoy reading this holiday book together! This silly book lightens up the heavy frustrations of becoming sick before a big event or holiday. It teaches kids that when they get sick, rest is needed and also that it’s ok to ask for help when you are feeling unwell.

A theme of teamwork and “togetherness” is highlighted in this delightful tale. When Santa, gets sick his family and friends all band together. Will they be able to work together and save Christmas?

Christmas is a Feeling by Carli Valentine

Rediscover the true treasures of the season and the true meaning of Christmas!

This magical Christmas story shares beautiful poetic writing that will engage people of all ages. It is a heartwarming holiday tale that will open meaningful conversations about the importance of faith, kindness, love and family. There is a bonus page at the end with a list of ways children and families can be challenged to discover the true beauty of Christmas and share the magic of the holiday.

Cowgirl Christmas by Rae Rankin

Cowgirl Christmas is a charming story celebrating the joy and magic of Christmas.

Snow is falling, the decorations are up, treats are prepared, gifts are wrapped, there is fun to be had. But not before the chores get done! Our favorite Cowgirl and Duchess along with friends and family come together to bring cheer to their community.

Oscar and Emmy's First Christmas by Terri Sabol

What adventures can two newly adopted kittens get into during their first Christmas with their furever family? Follow Oscar and Emmy as they join in exciting Christmas traditions like gift wrapping, tree decorating, Christmas caroling, Christmas Eve dinner, and a visit from Santa. Let this story inspire your own family traditions, both new and old.

Ten Very Merry Yetis by Carla Jansen

How do you find the perfect Christmas tree when you're a yeti?

It can be complicated! Especially when your friends keep getting distracted!

And what happens when one of your friends needs some help?

Find out how the yetis save the day!

Santa Takes the Bus by William Eckert (April Eckert)

Ride along with Santa as he saves Christmas with the help of some unlikely heroes….

The return home from Santa’s annual beach vacation goes wrong and it appears that all hope for Christmas this year may be lost. Fortunately, he crosses paths with a playful monkey and a good-hearted rock & roll band who happen to own a supercharged tour bus. With their help, Santa tries to make it home to the North Pole in time to perform his traditional Christmas miracle… while crossing a few names off his naughty list along the way.

Teddy Bear's Change of Seasons ~ Christmas Included! by Erika Castricum

Teddy’s journey of self-discovery through four seasons, Christmas included, begins in a magnificent old-growth forest, but Teddy is stuck inside a dark and lonely place. His dreams look far away and out of reach, until Teddy rescues a small mouse, who is desperate for help. From this one act of kindness, Teddy’s life changes in ways he never imagined, bringing him close friends, a new loving family and the kind of challenges and adventures other teddies have never encountered before.

Cody's Crazy Christmas by Andrea Realpe

Cody and his puppy are in for a big holiday adventure! On Christmas Eve, Cody's plan to give his parents the most spectacular surprise turns into an unexpected journey. After hiding the present, he can't find it anywhere. So with the help of his puppy, they go on a BIG holiday adventure in search of the missing gift.

Your kids will learn about the value of family and the true meaning of Christmas. They will also learn about friendship, teamwork, making good choices, and most importantly, encouraging children to ask for help.

Join Cody and his pup as they learn to navigate through misadventures trying to find his parent's spectacular Christmas surprise in this loving comedic, and fun story.

A Phone for Christmas by Talia Zales

A Phone for Christmas tells the story of 10-year-old Luis who writes to Santa Claus asking for a phone for Christmas. After receiving so many letters asking for cell phones, Santa decides to deactivate everyone's cell phones for an entire year! He sends each family a red rotary phone and a scroll of gray listing what each family needs to do to earn their cell phone back.

How will everyone cope without their screen-time? Will Luis ever get a cell phone? Find out what happens in A Phone for Christmas! P.S. What would you do without your cell phone for a whole year?

God's Snowman by Megan Yee

In the heartwarming tale of "God's Snowman," join a young boy on a magical journey of discovery and wonder. As winter blankets the world, he builds a snowman with giddy excitement. Where he learns to see beyond the surface, finding beauty and divinity in every snowflake, tree, and creature.

The Snowman becomes his guide, teaching him to appreciate the little things that often go unnoticed, and reminding him that even the smallest moments can hold immense joy. A delightful story that reminds us to find God's presence in the simplest of things.

Santa's Dog by JoAnn Sky

A magical story that proves how powerful love can be, even when our loved ones are far away. A Christmas story to enjoy all year long!

Lance rides along with his best friend Santa each Christmas Eve, but one year he falls from the sleigh. He’s taken in by an animal shelter then brought home by a military family who needs help as Dad is called to serve his country. When Christmas Eve comes around the next year, what’s a dog to do? Will Lance return to the North Pole with Santa or stay with his new family? This sweet and imaginative picture book, written in verse with delightful illustrations, will tug at your heartstrings and have you rooting for Lance as he decides where his heart truly lies.

Carol's Quest for Courage by JoAnn Sky

Who hasn’t felt anxious in front of a crowd or nervous in a new situation? Root for Santa’s singing dog, Carol, as she proves that courage grows inside each of us. The highly-anticipated sequel to the Amazon bestseller, SANTA’S DOG, is here just in time for Christmas!

Santa's singing dog is too afraid to sing in public! Carol leaves the North Pole in search of her voice but instead finds a girl in need of help. Can Carol overcome her own fears to help the girl? This touching and powerful story, written in verse with colorful and fun illustrations, incorporates themes of finding one’s voice, trying new things, showing kindness, and helping others. Kids (and adults) of all ages will empathize with Santa's singing dog as she faces her performance anxiety and demonstrates that the courage to conquer our fears comes from within.

Grab the family and don't forget to watch Mission Fat Hearts the movie FREE for the month of July HERE. Use code JULY. You can also get Mission Fat Hearts the book with 25 random acts of kindness missions for the kids to do to help spread holiday cheer.

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