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Birthday Traditions

By Mei Yee

I would like to say we have birthday traditions, but this past year has been a challenge.

For my children, I usually do something on their birthday. I get them their favorite sweets, put a candle in it (lite it), and we sing happy birthday. Then I let them open their gifts from me. This used to be a surprise party for them, but it has become a tradition.

We do still have an actual birthday party for them as well, either the weekend before or the weekend after their birthday. We have gone bowling, to Chuck-E-Cheese, to the movies, had parties at home with games.

My siblings and I usually do things with our parents. My father will offer to take us out to eat or get us a gift card to wherever we want. My mother always has a birthday dinner at her house.

What we do for our parents is just have something some small. We each take time to go see them and hang out.


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