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Birthday Party Ideas

By Mei Yee

As we are between birthdays in my family, I wanted to talk about birthday parties and ideas.

Surprise parties, surprise parties are the most fun for those who are the ones receiving them. At least in my opinion, if you are planning it, it can be stressful, especially if you live with that person and have to try not to give any hints. Which is not something I am good at. So, it is always best to have help.

Or the surprise party can be a small party of just those in the house. Wait until the person isn’t suspecting it (maybe even the day before) and SURPRISE! With kids, this one is a bit easier to do. I am not saying you have to go all out and spend all your money. But say their party can’t be on their birthday, which happens a lot, maybe do the little surprise party for them the day of their birthday.

I have done the morning “happy birthday,” and then when I pick them up, I have their favorite sweets (cookies, cake, brownies, etc.) with their birthday gifts from me. Because why not let them open their gifts. I am probably just as bad at waiting as my kids are.

With regular parties (the non-surprise ones), these also can be kept simple. Most stores have themed party packs that you can buy and are good to go. But for older kids, you can also just have food, cake and let them invite a couple of friends over, let them take over the living room for a movie/game night or a sleepover.

For younger kids, it is a bit easier to get ideas together. In other posts, we talked about outdoor activities, which would be perfect for those whose birthdays are in warmer weather. And in another post, we spoke of rainy-day activities, which would be perfect for those whose birthdays are in the colder months.


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