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Better Late Than Never

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

By Mei Yee

It has been officially one year since I started writing for the blog! I have shared a lot about me and my children. Yet I realized I had not actually made a formal introduction. Better late than never, right? (haha).

First up would be myself! To start you may see me being credited under different names. I have many different nicknames. Is it weird that I don’t mind and actually like that different people call me by a different nickname?

I am a writer and have been writing fantasy/sci-fi stories since I was eleven. That is when I found my escape from reality, through writing. Which developed into something I grew to love to do without creating an escape. And I have wrote a few stories for The Adventures of Pookie that have been published. Other things I have written are still in the works of being finished and not yet published.

Aside from being a writer I am also a single mother. I have two beautiful daughters and my eldest niece refers to me as her other mother.

Left to Right: Kisa, Makayla, me, Natalya

When my sister had my niece, Makayla, she was also a single mother and was 16 years old. So, I helped her out as much as I could. Which created a special bond between my niece and me. My girls also feel that bond and refer to Makayla as their older sister. Makayla pursued the culinary arts and was the inspiration for Sprinkled with Sweetness.

Picture on the left: Makayla and Natalya. Picture on the right: Makayla and Kisa

My twelve-year-old, Kisa, is the artist in our household. She has always loved to draw and not to brag but she is really good and has had no special training or drawing classes. Like it baffles me how she can draw so well when I cannot draw stick figures to save my life. (My grandfather, dad and eldest sister all have the ability to draw as well.)

Left picture: Drawing a random character. Right Picture: Her drawing of a character from Cookie Run (this one was a scaled picture only she didn't use scale paper but just looked the picture on her phone and made it bigger. Idk how this works haha)

My five-year-old, Natalya, has shown many different interests as she loves to draw, bake, and tell stories. Natalya will go through multiple sketch pads a month, she also creates at least 3 stories a week, and will come flying into the kitchen every time I go in there to see if I am baking to help. Which is one of the reasons she is one of the chefs on Sprinkled with Sweetness.

Natalya on the left and Chef Kaliyah on the right

Things can be chaotic here at times, but we all love each other and do our best to support each other.


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