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Back to School 2022

By Mei

Is this year different?

This year things were different for us for back to school. My tweleve-year-old (Kisa) started back to school last week and my six-year-old (Natalya) is now on her second day.

They both go to the same school district, but Natalya is starting kindergarten this year and they had different phase in days for those starting kindergarten.

Not only was Natalya starting school but Kisa also was starting at another school for middle school. So, there were many changes for our family this year.

While we were prepared, we were not preapred. Whether things we bought but found out they weren't needed and things we didn't buy that we had no idea we needed. They changed the school supply list 4 different times over the summer and honestly I ignored the las one they sent (oops).

I was not mentally ready either. Yes this was not my first time sending a child to kindergarten but I still cried.

We got to spend an hour with them in their class and as I went to leave Natalya said to me "I didn't know I would be this sad to have you leave". Of course with tears in her eyes she had said this. I wanted to start crying then, but I tried to hype up how much fun she would have at school. Then I went to the car and cried.

But this sad moment made for a nice reunion after school, she got off the bus and ran up to me to give me a hug and told me how much she missed me.

Why am I just talking about Natalya and not Kisa? Kisa had some changes too but it was bigger changes for Natalya. Kisa just doesn't want to go to school, I will say this though, she doesn't fight with me like she did last year when it is time to get up to get ready.

Was back to school this year the same or different for you and your family?


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