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6 Fun Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Creative Child

Since it is my birthday week, all I can think about is cake! 😂 I love cake.

Growing up I was pretty spoiled cake wise. My mom is an AMAZING cake maker and decorator. She made every one of our birthday cakes and they were always delicious. There was always cake in our house as she also made wedding cakes, birthday cakes, holiday cakes, and more for others. So to say my love of cake runs deep is an understatement. 😂

Anyway, now that I am thinking about cake, I thought it would be fun to search Pinterest to see the different art themed cakes for kids. I couldn't believe all of the AWESOME ideas there are for art themed cakes and birthday parties! Here are 6 cakes that stood out to me.

1.) This one is from Cynthia's Custom Cakes.

2.) This one is from Cakes by May.

3.) This one is by Jean A. Schapowal.

4.) I couldn't find who this one was made by, but here is where I found it.

5.) This one was made by McGreevy Cakes.

6.) This one is by Rosanna Pansino.


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