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4 Low-Cost Activities that Inspire Imagination

By Jessica Rose

Imagination is not only the key to success for a child’s development, but it is essential.

Children use their imagination as a way to learn, create, and make sense of the world around them. For us parents, we must encourage this type of imaginative play. While some parents may think they need to purchase expensive costumes and playsets but you don’t need much to inspire imaginative play. Here are some of our low-cost activities that will help take your children to different worlds:

1. Cardboard boxes. With all those Amazon shipment boxes that you have been collecting, we are sure many families have a growing stash. Give them to your child and even add some fun crayons and markers. Cardboard boxes are a great way to inspire imagination. Boxes can be spaceships, put together to make robots or tiny homes for their stuffed animals. Watch your children’s imagination grow when they start putting their creativity muscles to use.

2. Backyard treasure hunt. You can give them a list of things to collect like something fuzzy, something green, something smooth. Or to have even more fun, paint fairies on rocks and hide them all over the backyard. With their trusty flashlight and backpack, they are excited for the adventure to begin.

3. Dress up in your closet. You don’t have to have expensive costumes to play dress up. Chances are, your child would love to explore your closet and dress up in your clothes. If having your child rummage in your closet isn’t your thing, you can always find second-hand costumes at a thrift store. Playing dress-up is a great way for children to act out different characters.

4. Indoor camping. You don’t even need a tent for this one! Build a fort in your family room and hand your child a flashlight. These will be tons of hours as they create their camping space. You can even make it more fun by allowing them to have lunch in their fort. They can hop on the couch to pretend they are boating along the river.

No matter the activity that your child decides to do, you only need to help set the stage for imagination. Watch them take control and their imagination blossom into make-believe places and endless amounts of adventures that help their brains grow! Ask your child, “where are you going today?”


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