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5 Ways to Help Make Homework Easier

By Mei Yee

After being in school all day, the last thing kids want to do is homework. Sometimes they have so much that it can take a couple hours. (Speaking from experience in helping my kids with their homework).

Here are five ways to help them with their homework to make it go a bit easier.

1. Don’t pressure them to get it done right away. Yes, you will want to hurry and get it out of the way but let them have a few minutes to relax.

You remember what it was like coming home from school, and the dread you felt when you sat right down to do your homework. Let them grab a snack and just chill for a minute. It gives them this break between school and homework. They also might be hungry as some eat lunch as early as 10AM and then have nothing until they get home between 3PM and 3:30PM.

2. Help them get organized if they aren’t already.

Most classes normally require their own folders, some just have the children stuff everything in one folder for all classes. I would get them different folders for them to put the work for each subject in. If for whatever reason the school doesn’t like this, then help them sort their work when they get home. Then you can see what all needs to be done ahead of time to plan to get it done.

3. If there are multiple subjects take a couple minute break in between each subject.

This way it will help break up the homework session. That relief of even moving after sitting for a while can help with not getting bored or burnout of just sitting there doing it all back-to-back.

4. Make sure there aren’t distractions around them, so they don’t lose focus.

A no technology during homework rule can really help. But also make sure other noises aren’t distractions; tv, music, siblings. I mean I don’t really know what all you can do about the siblings part other than kick them out of the house for a while. But at least make sure the tv isn’t on so that’s one less distraction.

5. Let them know you’re there if they need help.

Sometimes kids don’t ask their parents for help as they don’t want to bother them and other times, they like to do it all on their own. Which is fine, but always just give them that reminder “I am here if you need help.” Letting them know that “it’s okay to ask me for help.”

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