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5 Reasons Why Drawing is Important for Kids

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

By Rebecca Yee-Peters

Have you ever sat down to draw as an adult and find its not as easy as you want it to be? Or have you ever played one of those games like Pictionary or Telestrations and you just can't draw what they want you to?

That's because our mind isn't as free as it used to be when we were kids. Not many people use their imaginations on a daily basis and it is hard to pick it back up like when you were young.

Few activities come as naturally to children as drawing. Whether it is with crayons or markers on paper, with chalk on a sidewalk, or with a permanent marker on your wall, kids just want to draw because it brings them joy.

Not only does it bring them joy, it is a fundamental part of their development. Here are 5 reasons that drawing is more important than you think.

1.) Allows Children to Express Themselves - We all know that showing emotions comes easily to some and not so easily to others. This applies especially to kids because they can't always express themselves using words or actions. Using drawing, kids can freely express themselves. Colors can evoke emotion and give you insight to their thoughts. As well as what they draw can help you access how they feel.

2.) Boosts Creativity and Imagination - "Mommy, look what I drew!" You may have heard this more often than not when your child is coloring. As you sit there staring at it, trying to figure out what it is, take the time to ask your child what it is. They may give you a long story of what it is and why they drew it. This helps them expand their imagination through story telling. Imagination is such a vital part of a child's development because it helps them form scenarios and problem solving.

3.) Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills - Fine motor skills include any specialized movement of the hands, wrists, and fingers. One of the best ways to help develop fine motor skills is holding and using writing instruments. Drawing enables your child to draw connections between what he or she sees and what he or she does.

4.) Increases Creative Problem Solving - While drawing, your child can be faced with multiple decisions. What color should they use? How can they draw the legs on this dog? How do I draw a confused expression? How do I draw fur on this bear? All of these questions require them to problem solve.

5.) Creates Confidence - Allowing your child to draw freely means they can create anything they want. Give them a blank piece of paper and some markers and see where it takes them. Drawing allows them to grow in their uniqueness and individuality. You should always show happiness or ask questions about what they drew so that they feel good about their work and are more confident about themselves. This affirmation will make him or her more confident in other areas that may not come as naturally as drawing.

We understand that art and creativity doesn't come as easily to you as it does your kids, therefore it may be hard for you to want to sit down and do it with them, unless it is in a coloring book.

Our goal at The Adventures of Pookie is to help you, help your child grow in their imaginations and become a more creative and independent person. Check out our new monthly creative boxes for kids. Help them discover a whole new outlet today!

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