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5 Movies That Inspire Kindness and Compassion

Updated: Jan 5

By Mei Yee

What movies come to mind when you think of teaching children kindness? Or is this not something that comes to mind at all? Children often imitate what they see. As a parent, I admit I do let my children watch movies that are enjoyable to them. However, when you look at the films, you can see the hidden meanings in them.

While many movies showcase kindness and compassion, I have selected the five below that I feel do a good job. They are also some of my favorite movies, as well as my children's.

Next Gen (2018)

Next Gen is a Netflix original movie based on the comic “7723”. The main character, Mai, loses her dad at a young age and her mother seems more interested in getting the latest robot than she is in her daughter. Mai also gets bullied at school, and the bullies out number her. Mai feels lost and alone. Therefore, she is angry all the time.

She has strong negative feelings towards robots until she meets one that she feels can help her get her revenge on the bullies. However, the robot stops her from doing that, which turns the main bully into an ally for Mai. Now having two friends, the robot, and the former bully, she has let go of her anger and seems to be a lot happier now that she doesn’t feel alone.

Up (2009)

In this movie, a guy named Carl only ever had one friend, his wife, Ellie. They had been together since they were children, so when he lost her, his world came crumbling down. Carl stayed to himself, and no one tried to get close to him as they all just thought he was a mean old grumpy man.

They were not far off; however, due to the determination (and the fact that they were floating in the air) of a kid named Russell, he could break down Carl’s walls. No matter what Carl threw at him, Russell stayed positive and compassionate towards Carl. This film shows the unlikely friends’ scenario and how, thanks to Russell being in Carl’s life, Carl could go back to being the kind and friendly guy he was before.

Lilo & Stitch (2002)