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4 Best Parts of Being a Parent

By Mei Yee

Being a parent isn’t all fluff and unicorns. There will be bad days. But what are some of the best parents of being a parent? I will share a list of what I think are the best parts of being a parent, based on my experience with my children.

How they embrace you after not seeing you all day. The look on their face when they see you, and how they run to hug you. “Mama! I missed you!” It warms my heart to know I must be doing something right for them to miss me. My kids will sometimes even just come randomly hug me like this even if we have been together all day.

How they come to as if you make their problems go away. They come to with their worries and fears. You reassure them, and they feel better. Even if they unload on me and catch me off guard, it makes me feel like I am their safe zone. Someone they trust who will genuinely listen to them and help them. Or even the “I am scared, can I sleep with you?” They know you’re their protector.

How they care for you too. As a parent, we don’t really have time to get sick, but sometimes it does just take over, and you can’t do much. My kids will cover me up, bring me water, even held my hair while rubbing my back as I threw up in the toilet. (Sorry for tmi). And the “let me know if you need anything” makes me feel like they have become the mother for a bit. I still try to do my best without bothering them too much, but it is still sweet of them.

How they think about you as much as you think about them. Like when they draw something for you or make you something. This makes me feel like I am on their mind. Yesterday, my youngest ran around her classroom with a pencil, and the director told her how that is unsafe. She took this as she made a bad choice, so she wrote me a letter to apologize before I knew about it. She flat out told me she wrote it because she didn’t want me to be mad.

I do know being five, she probably wrote it thinking if I weren’t mad, she wouldn’t be in trouble, haha. But it was still cute that she thought about me instead of waiting for me to hear about it and then try to apologize.

She had a bad day and wanted to cuddle with her mama

Drawing me a picture while I work

Sharing her cookies with me

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